Tell Your Reps No To SB749: Update

Last Friday afternoon, the NC House unveiled plans to ram through Senate Bill 749, but you pushed back hard against this latest attack on our rights. Legislators received hundreds of messages demanding that they vote NO to Senate Bill 749.

Tuesday morning, Common Cause NC and other pro-democracy advocates held a press conference in front of the legislative building and spoke out against this harmful bill.

On Wednesday, the NC House Rules Committee removed Senate Bill 749 from its meeting calendar for today as opposition to the bill made headlines. Legislators still insist they will attempt to take up this bad bill next week, even as protests mount.

Don’t let up now! Keep speaking out against Senate Bill 749 and its outrageous attacks on our voting rights. If you haven’t done so already, please send a message to your NC House member and tell them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 749.

Say no to SB749!


SB749 would change the structure of the County Boards of Elections (CBOEs) and State Board of Elections (NCSBE). North Carolinians have already voted against this in a ballot referendum. Republican legislators are doing an end-run around the will of the voters and taking even more power away from the Governor.
The proposed structure would:

  • take the authority to appoint election board members away from the Governor and give it to the Republican-dominated NCGA — a clear power grab
  • deliberately tilt towards gridlock and chaos, with carefully planned vote-suppressing consequences.

Senate Bill 749 is a blatant power grab by partisan legislators.
Use this Common Cause tool to contact your Representative