HB 600 will endanger safe drinking water

NC House Republicans call it the “Regulatory Reform Act.”

We call it poisoning our water.

NC House Republicans have already passed it.

Now it’s in the Senate.

Among its destructive proposed changes, HB 600 would:

  • place impossible time limits on the badly understaffed state Division of Water Resources to issue pollution permits.
  • bar regulators from considering the impact of a proposed water pollution source beyond its immediate vicinity, even if the toxins will end up in a stream or lake miles away.
  • bar the Department of Environmental Quality from limiting the amount of toxic chemicals a polluter discharges into state waterways unless there is a specific numerical standard. There are hundreds of chemicals with no specific numerical standard. Thus, regulators often rely on terms such as “free from objectionable taste or odors.” Without this practice, polluters would be free to discharge chemicals like PFAS in any amount.
  • bar the state from denying a permit for a hog waste lagoon or swine gas project based on civil rights grounds. In 2021, a group of Black citizens won some protections, via a civil rights complaint, against the disproportionate burden on lower income people of color of the often-sickening nuisance caused by giant animal feeding operations. The proposal would end those protections. (NCNewsline)

TAKE ACTION: Urge your Senator to oppose HB600! 

This bill has already raced through the House.
Don’t wait — call or email your Senator today!