Reject House Bill 370

From NC Policy Watch: House Bill 370 seeks “…to force all North Carolina sheriffs to honor ‘detainer requests’ from federal immigration officials (ICE) for people in their custody. Detainers are not judicial orders signed by any court official, and they are not arrest warrants that require any kind of finding of probable cause. The individuals targeted by detainer requests are typically otherwise eligible for release from jail or prison.

Last fall, several new sheriffs were elected in the state’s larger, urban counties after running on platforms that pledged to no longer honor detainer requests – a discretionary decision that’s long been within the purview of individual sheriffs…

The new version of the bill features a remarkably harsh penalty for sheriffs who refuse to go along with the process: removal from office by a Superior Court judge. (As an aside, it should be noted that each of the new sheriffs at the center of the controversy, and now potentially facing the prospect of removal from office for pursuing what they understand to be their constitutional duties, is a man or woman of color.)”

More info and good talking points here.

So let’s take action:

1 – Write a Letter To The Editor to your local paper opposing HB 370 and supporting our county sheriffs.


2 – Call your legislators and ask them to oppose the bill, and support a veto by Gov. Cooper if that occurs. If you live in Buncombe County, call:

Sen. Terry Van Duyn (District 49): 919-715-3001
     – AND –
Rep. Susan Fisher (District 114): 919-715-2013
or –
Rep. John Ager (District 115): 919-733-5746
or –
Rep. Brian Turner (District 116): 919-715-3012
Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger: 919-733-5708
House Speaker Tim.Moore: 919-733-3451


3 – (For you high achievers) Do both!

(In another county, or not sure who your state legislators are? Find out at