A personal note from the Indivisible AVL board

The Indivisible AVL board would like to share the news that Laura Ross, wife of longtime board member Jonathan Ross, passed away on Saturday, June 17.

Jonathan has been a member of the Indivisible AVL leadership team since January of 2017. A growing group of us had met a few times in November and December of 2016 when Jonathan showed up at a planning meeting and offered to build the website. He quickly became an integral part of the new organization. He designed and developed our website, writing much of the original content. He came up with the tagline. He took all our early photos. He designed our t-shirts. He was our photographer for years and has continued to serve as webmaster. Even during these last 3+ years of dealing with the rollercoaster of Laura’s cancer, he has remained on the board and has continued to support the group as time allowed.

If you knew Jonathan or Laura and would like to do something to honor her life, consider a tribute gift to the TNBC Foundation or a donation to the Laura Ross (Memorial) Fund at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. The church memorial fund will help with some of the remaining outstanding bills not covered by insurance, and the remainder will help other people facing financial difficulties from cancer treatment or other critical medical care.

Most importantly, though, we share Jonathan’s wishes for how to honor this too-short life.

Instead of condolences, share your memories. If you knew Laura, share something you remember that “demonstrated her kind, sweet, gentle spirit.” If you didn’t, seek out those people and memories in your own life.

Instead of sadness, share affirmations, which Laura loved using as a way to “put on a positive intention of mind.”

Instead of sending flowers, “go outside and smell the flowers in your own yard, or, better yet, anywhere. Laura always did.” Find joy in simple moments.

Finally, as both Laura and Jonathan reminded us, “Act in every moment of every day as if The Universe is full of purpose and meaning.”

Because it is.

Thinking of you, Jonathan, with love and support.

–Barbara, Brenda, Kerry, Robin, and the rest of the Indivisible AVL leadership team