Stop NC Anti-Voter Extremist Bill SB747

After taking orders from top anti-voter extremists, North Carolina Republicans are moving a shocking new bill full of harsh voting restrictions through the legislature. But the good news is, you can stop them.

Senate Bill 747 would:

  • Allow extremists, who want to take over elections, to violate our privacy and challenge legitimate ballots
  • Allow less time for voters to return their mail ballot, which could lead to thousands of ballots being thrown out
  • Upend Same Day Registration for hundreds of thousands of North Carolina voters and further burden election officials
  • Ban resources used by almost all NC counties to run safe and secure elections

S.B. 747 is yet another anti-voter bill, like earlier ones slashing popular early voting options and budget proposals cutting much-needed election funding, driven by the same anti-voter extremists who tried to overturn the 2020 elections and who “fundamentally disagree” with the idea that more people should vote.

ACTION: Call & write your state reps today

If you agree that North Carolina voters — NOT anti-voter extremists — should decide how our elections are run, contact your lawmakers NOW and demand they oppose SB747. Write and call your senator directly, or use this easy form from Common Cause NC.

In Buncombe County, your state senate district is either 49 or 46:

Find your state legislators here.

Sample Email Message

If you live in the eastern half of Buncombe County, you are likely in NC Senate District 46, along with all of McDowell and Burke Counties, and your state senator is Warren Danielone of the sponsors of this harmful bill. If so, be sure to write and call and let him know how this bill would harm you and his other constituents. You may use any of the following as a guide:

I am a voter in your district asking you to oppose Senate Bill 747.

As I’m sure you know only too well, SB 747 could be used to jeopardize the ballots of the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who use same-day registration and mail-in voting, further slash election funding and burden our county officials, and invade the privacy of North Carolina voters in ways that also delay our election results.

I’m sure you know this, because you are one of the bill’s sponsors.

I also know this bill was informed by anti-voter extremists, who have taken credit for SB747 and unapologetically admitted that their goal is for fewer people like me to get to vote.

As your constituent, I am appalled that you sponsored SB747. The provisions contained in this bill would make it harder for seniors and those lacking transportation to cast their vote, would make it harder for people of color and young people to vote, would nullify legitimate absentee ballots that were mailed on time, and would effectively disenfranchise voters who depend on same-day registration.

I’ve worked for years as an unpaid nonpartisan volunteer to register voters and help get them to the polls, and I am sick to see one of our elected officials try to destroy this work and make it harder for citizens to vote. We need legislators who will fight FOR the people they represent, not against them.

If you continue to support these extremist anti-voter proposals, you will be acting against the best interests of your constituents and all the other citizens of North Carolina. We are watching. And we will remember.

Please, support the voters in District 46 who sent you to Raleigh. Support the voters of North Carolina. Drop your support for this dangerous bill. Oppose SB747.