Tell Gov. Cooper to VETO HB 453

HB453 passed the Senate on Thursday, June 10. Please call and email Governor Roy Cooper *NOW* to tell him to veto HB 453!
Call: (919) 814-2000

CALL/EMAIL SCRIPT (if no answer, please leave this as a message):

Hello, Governor Cooper. My name is _________, I am one of your constituents, I live in __________, and I am calling to ask you to veto HB 453. This bill would interfere in the patient-health care provider relationship, prohibit patients and providers from having honest conversations about healthcare, and is nothing more than another attempt to strip away North Carolinians’ ability to access abortion and control their own reproductive lives. Thank you for supporting reproductive freedom, for vetoing the anti-abortion SB 359 in 2019, and please veto HB 453 now!