Take Action On Emergency Funding For Childcare Centers Across NC

Child Care Stabilization Grant funding, set up during the pandemic, will sunset on June 30th. Without this funding, nearly 1/3 of the state’s childcare centers may need to close, leaving over 90,000 kids without safe, quality childcare.

Call or send an email to:

  • Senate President Phil Berger – (919) 733-5708 / Phil.Berger@ncleg.gov
  • House Speaker Tim Moore – 919-733-3451 Tim.Moore@ncleg.gov

A suggested script:

  • Hello, my name is _______ and I am a resident of ________.
  • I join others across the state in calling on the NC General Assembly to immediately address the urgent childcare funding cliff that threatens to close nearly one third of the childcare facilities in the state.
  • Childcare funding is good for North Carolina families and businesses and is essential for a thriving economy.

Some ideas for a brief personal statement:

  • In my life, affordable childcare has allowed me / my family to ________
  • What impact would the loss of affordable childcare have on your family / community?
  • As a childcare provider, the funding cliff would ______ (your wages, impact on children)
  • As a parent, grandparent, business owner, I have directly seen the impact of childcare…


  • That is why we need at least 300 million dollars in emergency appropriations before June 30th in order to prevent a crisis for NC families and businesses.
  • If we let this deadline pass without action, the massive impact on our state’s economy will far outweigh the cost of the investment. In short – We can afford to do this, but we can’t afford not to do this!
  • Please urge [Senator Berger or Speaker Moore] to get this done for the people of North Carolina. We are counting on them!