Ask City Council to Vote YES on Reparations Funding

Asheville City Council put Reparations funding on the agenda for their Tuesday, June 8th meeting, and doubled the proposed funding amount to $2.1 million.

Now is the time to thank the City Council for taking this step and encourage them to take the next step and vote YES on the proposed funding for Reparations.

Below is a suggested email template. You are encouraged to personalize it and add any questions or proposals that you feel are important for City Council to consider. You can also use these points to communicate with them by phone. Click here for phone numbers of city officials and more information about Reparations funding.


Subject: Thank you
Dear City Council Member,

I am writing today to thank you for agreeing to consider the funding of Reparations at your next meeting on June 8th. I urge you to take the next crucial step and vote yes on this item. As you know, the $2.1 million proposed for Reparations seed money is already available. Voting for this funding will communicate to everyone, and especially Asheville’s Black communities, that City Council is backing up last year’s Reparations Resolution with concrete action and real dollars.

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