5 Actions To Take after the June 5 Candlelight Vigils for Medicaid Expansion

  1. Tell Your Healthcare Story. Your story matters! Even though talking about being uninsured and not being able to access the care you need when you’re sick is difficult to do, oftentimes it’s the stories that lawmakers hear about everyday North Carolinians that can move their hearts and minds. Please share your srory with Rebecca Cerese, Engagement Coordinator of the Health Advocacy Project of the NC Justice Center. COntact: rebecca@ncjustice.org, (919) 824-0811 (cell).
  2. Meet Your Local Representatives. A healthy and strong democracy needs to have engaged citizens who conveny their concerns to their representatives. Schedule a meeting with your representatives to the NC General Assembly. Call their legislative aide today to meet with them in-district or in Raleigh. Find your reps at NCLEG.gov.
  3. Write a Letter to the Editor. Opinion and editorial pages are the second-most read page after the front page. Share your perspective on why affordable health insurance is important to North Carolina! Go to the opinion section of the publication to find out how to submit.
  4. Sign Up for Action Alerts. Get engaged with any of the partner organizations at the Vigil to make sure you are in the know as the legislative session continues to unfold. We need your voice to make sure that Medicaid expansion happens in 2019, because healthcare can’t wait!
  5. Sign the Petition. Sign the petition to expand Medicaid by going to bitly.com/4medx. Join thousands of North Carolinians in the call to expand Medicaid. Each signature counts!