Tell NC House Committee Members NOT to Criminalize Masks

ACTION ALERT: Call or email the NC House Conference Committee members and urge them to vote NO on HB 237If you’ve already done it, do it again!

HB 237 has not yet passed the NC House! “Unmasking Mobs and Criminals,” which would prohibit wearing masks in public with no health or safety exemption. The NC House declined to concur with the Senate’s version of the bill, and instead formed a conference committee.

Please call or email these House conference committee members right away, and share your concerns about making masking for safety and health illegal:

John Torbett — — 919-733-5868
Erin Pare — — 919-733-2962
Sarah Stevens — — 919-715-1883
Brian Biggs — — 919-733-5865

Then call or email your own Representative and do the same, using this NCGA lookup tool.