Neighborhood Energy Savers Program

Help your neighbors save energy and save money–be a part of the Connection Insurrection!

The best form of resistance to tyranny is a strong and connected community.  And the way to build a strong community is for everyone to be part of it, to make connections, to step out of our homes and be present for others; not only in our own neighborhoods, but across the divide of income, race, religion, background, or any social construct that separates us.  We inspire community building by helping others, by becoming a conduit for connecting lives.

A simple opportunity for that has presented itself to us through the Neighborhood Energy Savers Program going on now.  People are needed to canvass for sign-ups, explaining the service, and encouraging people to participate in the program Duke energy is offering, which provides struggling residents with free weatherization and energy saving upgrades.  The Motto is “Save Energy, Save Money!” (It’s also an opportunity to focus in on our own energy saving efforts.)

Sign up now for a chance to be part of the Connection Insurrection by taking advantage of this short-lived program in Asheville.