Help Get NC Medicaid Expansion Over the Finish Line!


House Bill 149, that includes Medicaid expansion, passed the NC Senate on June 1st!

The Bill now goes to the NC House where passage will be a bit more difficult.

First, please call your NC Senator and thank them.

Then call your NC House Member and ask them to support and pass Medicaid expansion. It’s easy to contact your state legislators at to let them know that NOW is the time to pass a North Carolina solution to close the Medicaid coverage gap.

You can send a message in your own words by signing up here to take part in a Letter to the Editor campaign. You’ll get an LTE Toolkit, which has everything you need to write and submit your own letter to the editor!

If you’d like some letter-writing tips and support sign up at for the NC Justice Center’s second Medicaid Expansion LTE Action Hour on Sunday, June 5th, at 6 pm.