Keep Up the Pressure for the ERA

The Equal Rights Amendment is still an active bill in the General Assembly. In the next few weeks, please escalate personal visits, emails, letters, and calls with your elected representatives and senators in the NC General Assembly.  It needs to be a face-to-face visit, individualized mailing, or phone call.

First, if you’re outside of Buncombe County and your state representative or senator is a Republican, please express your insistence that he/she must get the ERA Bills out of committee with a favorable report because women’s rights are foundational to this country.  (House Bill 271, Senate Bill 184) You can find your state rep and senator here.

Second, if you’re in Buncombe County, your state representative or senator is a Democrat and is already a co-sponsor of the ERA Bills, so express your insistence that they all step up efforts to champion equal rights and push the Committee Chairs to get the bills out of committee with favorable reports. Contact the reps even if you know they are supportive; we need to get them moving on this.

Third, make a note of what you hear and pass it along to the local ERA Action Network Chair, Ann Von Brock, via Use “Attn Ann” in the subject line. 

Let’s show our elected officials what persistence looks like!

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