Tell Rep. Edwards To Quit Holding America Hostage!

The US Treasury may default on its debt — for the first time in history — in just a few more days. MAGA Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling without deep spending cuts to programs that help Americans every day — holding America hostage and Rep. Chuck Edwards is one of them. Western North Carolina deserves better!

And default would not just hurt Americans. Economists predict chaos in global financial markets and recession at home and abroad.

Friday morning a group of concerned citizens will gather in front of Rep. Edwards’s district office in Hendersonville to address this issue. Come to his office on Friday and let him know what you think!

If you can’t join us on Friday

Please fill out and send this letter to Rep. Edwards immediately. He needs to hear that his constituents strongly oppose his support of these MAGA strong-arm tactics! If you sign the letter before 10 am Friday, a copy of it will be hand delivered to Edwards’ office. And forward this info to five friends, family, coworkers and neighbors — because holding our legislators accountable is how we win.