Support NC Bill to Make Voting Safer During the Pandemic

The NC House of Representatives filed a bipartisan bill on Friday, May 22, aimed at making voting safer and more accessible amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill includes provisions to:

  • Reduce the absentee ballot witness requirement from two to one
  • Allow voters to submit an absentee ballot request form via email, online portal, fax, mail or in person (currently, NC voters can submit an absentee ballot request form only by mail or in person)
  • Give counties greater flexibility in where they assign poll workers, better allowing them to address possible poll worker shortages at precincts
  • Provide money to counties to prepare for elections amid COVID-19, including the purchasing of personal protective equipment for use at polling places and increasing recruitment and compensation of poll workers

This bill is a positive step toward ensuring that every eligible North Carolina voter is able to safely and securely cast a ballot in this year’s elections. We need to work together to fully prepare our state to conduct an election that is free and fair for all. And we need your help.


Contact your NC House Rep today! In Buncombe County, Rep. Susan Fisher (District 114) and Rep. Brian Turner (District 116) both co-sponsored this bill. Call or write them and thank them for sponsoring this important legislation! Buncombe Rep. John Ager (District 115) has not yet signed on as a co-sponsor, so if you are in his district, reach out and encourage him to do so.

If you aren’t sure who your representative is, click here. (Be sure to choose NC House under “Body.”)

To learn more about this bill and the latest updates, join Common Cause NC’s webinar on May 27 at 5pm. Register here.