Keep Saying No To Anti-Voter Jim Crow 2.0 Legislation

Throughout the 2023 legislative session, North Carolina legislators have revived anti-voter legislation aimed at limiting voter access and creating barriers to the ballot, particularly in Black and brown communities. This legislative session has been one constant reminder that all of the issues you care about are tied to democracy.

The bills below are expected to end up in the budget if they don’t pass the House and Senate first.

  • Make absentee voting harder by shortening the window when absentee ballots can be returned and without providing funding to educate voters about the changes (Election Day Integrity Act – S88/H304)
  • Turn same-day registration (SDR) ballots cast during Early Voting into provisional ballots (Provisional Ballot/Same-Day Registration – H485). Processing more provisional ballots during early voting will lead to longer lines, delaying voters at the polls and overburdening CBOE staff, and will almost certainly delay election results.
  • Reduce the early voting period from 17 to 11 days and 17 to 7 consecutive days (Reduce Early One-Stop Voting Days – H303 and Early Voting Constitutional Amendment – H123, respectively). Early Voting is the most popular voting method for North Carolinians and is used by voters of all political affiliations – even by some of the lawmakers sponsoring these bills!
  • Codify the common law requirement for U.S. citizenship to qualify as a juror in North Carolina, resulting in legitimate, naturalized voters being flagged for removal from the voter rolls (Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls – S352). Under the law, if a person were to be disqualified from jury duty due to lack of citizenship, their names and addresses would be shared with the NCSBE and flagged for removal from its list of registered voters. SB 352 is rooted in disproved claims that the state’s voting rolls are full of undetected non-citizens.

Each one of these bills is all part of a larger national strategy to attack North Carolinians’ freedom to vote. Tell lawmakers to reject any provisions in the state budget that aim to attack voters and block access to the ballot.

Tell lawmakers you demand they vote “NO” on these bills and all anti-voter legislation.