Support Southside Community Farm

The Southside Community Farm has provided opportunities for Southside residents to enjoy the lush green space and fresh food from the farm’s abundance for 10 years. That has been threatened with the introduction of Resolution No.  2024-11 at a recent meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville’s board of commissioners.

The Resolution called for the demolition of the 10-year-old farm, which occupies HACA-owned land behind the Housing Authority’s Arthur R. Edington Education and Career Center. The farm’s removal would make way for a $200,000 outdoor youth play area to serve the more than 150 children — mainly from local public housing communities — who take part in programs at the Edington Center.

Nearly 3,000 people have so far signed a petition asking for the farm’s preservation. And hundreds, including numerous elders and community leaders from Asheville’s Black legacy neighborhoods, rallied at the April 24 HACA board meeting at the Edington Center — the first since the resolution was introduced — to speak out against the farm’s removal.

Southside Community Farm (SCF) is at risk of losing the land they have stewarded for ten years. In a neighborhood without a grocery store, Southside Community Farm is the only place to get fresh, healthy food. The Southside deserves access to more community resources, not the destruction of what already exists. The Southside community wants HACA to preserve Southside Community Farm, to NOT pass this resolution, and to ensure that the community has access to vital resources the farm provides!

Southside Farm will be hosting an event at Burial Beer, 40 Collier Ave, on Wednesday, May 15th, from 5 to 7 pm. Burial Beer is generously offering to match ALL donations until the end of the day on May 15th to support Southside Farm. Help save the farm!
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