Tell Your State Senator to Vote NO on 398

Even after facing strong opposition, North Carolina lawmakers continue to fast track dangerous legislation that would repeal background checks on unlicensed handgun sales. If passed, House Bill 398 would reopen a dangerous loophole, making it easy for felons, domestic abusers, and extremists with criminal histories to buy handguns.

It’s clear that the gun lobby is making every effort to pass dangerous gun legislation in our state.

Your NC senator could vote any day on this dangerous bill.

North Carolina lawmakers need to hear from us right now, before it’s too late. Find your senator here. You can also Call and leave a voice message for NC State Senator Julie Mayfield at 919-715-3001 or send her an email:

Or click here to fast track a message to NC State Senator Julie Mayfield and tell her to vote NO on HB 398!