Call Congressman Mark Meadows

Congressman Mark Meadows is expected to push Monday to get the Justice Department to divulge investigatory information concerning the Mueller investigation by using Congressional oversight authority. This is information which the Department as a matter of longstanding policy cannot divulge. This push will threaten Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein with impeachment as a means to access this information, and then share it with the White House. It not only interferes with an ongoing criminal investigation but erodes the separation of powers under the constitution. Meadows may himself be engaging in obstruction of justice by making this push against the Justice Department.

Please contact Meadows at one of these numbers Monday morning: 
DC office phone: 202-225-6401
Henderson County local office: 828-693-5660
DC fax: 202-226-6422

Make sure your reps hear from you on a regular basis! For contact info, check the “Contact Your Reps” page on our website. If you live outside Buncombe County, you can find out who your representatives are and how to contact them at