Stop NC’s Abortion Ban! Call & Email Your NC Reps TODAY


(May 2, 2023) From our friends at Pro-Choice NC:

“Republican leadership in the North Carolina legislature just dropped their 12-week abortion ban, as they have been promising to do for weeks.

“We know the majority of North Carolinians support abortion access free from political interference, and trust patients to make the own reproductive healthcare decisions.

“The bill sponsors know this, which is why this bill was crafted behind closed doors and with no opportunity for public input.

“You can read our full statement here.

“Anti-abortion leadership is playing a cynical political game with our bodies and our rights, and they are trying to do it by making deals in back rooms and away from public scrutiny. They may not want our input, but with your help, we are going to make sure they hear our prochoice voices loud and clear!

“Can you call AND email your state representatives to tell them you support abortion access and oppose this dangerous 12-week ban? The House will be voting on this dangerous ban at 3:00pm Wednesday, May 3rd!

“Email your legislators here.

  • We have a script to help you get started, but we encourage you to share in your own words why protecting abortion access is important to you!

“Call your legislators (find them here) and use the below phone script as a guide. Make sure you sound like you! Fill their inboxes!

  • ‘My name is ___________, I live in   CITY , and I am a constituent of   Name of legislator. I am calling today to urge Name of legislator to protect reproductive rights and abortion access in North Carolina and to oppose the 12-week ban that has just been introduced.’
  • Abortion care is part of reproductive health care and maternal care, and it should be treated as such. Politicians have no business inserting themselves into healthcare decisions. We have seen chaos erupt in other states where bans have been enacted, and we don’t want that to happen here. I oppose this new abortion ban and I hope Name of legislator will vote against it.”

“Abortion care has been treated as a political football for far too long. Abortion bans like the one introduced tonight have real and harmful consequences for patients. Join us to tell the NCGA to stop the bans!”

State Legislators Representing Buncombe County

NOTE: Every NC resident has ONE state House Representative and ONE state Senator. Find who represents you at

Buncombe County is divided into three state House districts and two state Senate districts.

Rep. Eric Ager (District 114)

Rep. Lindsey Prather (District 115)

Rep. Caleb Rudow (District 116)

Sen. Julie Mayfield (District 49)

Sen. Warren Daniel (District 46)