Let’s End Gerrymandering In North Carolina, Once And For All!

It’s time – no, it’s way past time! – to end partisan gerrymandering in North Carolina. Next year North Carolina will be drawing new district maps based on this year’s census results. Currently there are five bills pending in the North Carolina General Assembly on fair redistricting. Let’s demand that these bills be reviewed and the best one made into law. Contact Tim Moore (Speaker of the House) and Phil Berger (President ProTem of the Senate) to ask them to hear, debate and vote on the bills this year.

Most effective approach: Write real old-fashioned snail-mail letters. You can find samples here.

Second most effective approach: CALL them – Sen. Berger: (919) 733-5708 & Rep. Tim Moore: 919-733-3451

Third most effective approach: Email – Phil.Berger@ncleg.net & Tim.Moore@ncleg.net

Here’s their full contact info. And you can find more details and talking points here.


Want extra credit? Good for you! If you write letters, copy your State Senator and Representative. If you call or email Speaker Moore and Senator Berger, call or email your State Senator and Representative. In Buncombe County our reps are:

Sen. Terry Van Duyn (District 49):

Rep. Susan Fisher (District 114):

Rep. John Ager (115):

Rep. Brian Turner (District 115):

If you’re outside of Buncombe County or if you’re not sure which NC House District you’re in, you can look up your reps at NCleg.gov/FindYourLegislators.


What? You’re not done yet? Great! Our friend Ron Katz is coordinating this effort and would like to hear from you to know what you have done. Call him at 828-768-4559 or email him at ronkatz327@gmail.com


Way to go!