April Meeting: National Security Expert Jonathan Tetzlaff

Join us for Indivisible AVL’s April meeting! Security consultant Jonathan Tetzlaff will speak about what may be ahead for 2018 in U.S./North Korean relations. Jonathan has worked for the U.S. government and for private corporations as a foreign affairs analyst and has made numerous trips to North Korea over the last several years. Learn more about what’s really happening in this secretive state and whether the international response has been, or can be, effective.

We’ll also be giving an update on our extensive interviews with U.S. Congressional candidates for Districts 10 and 11, and will continue our Voter Registration and Outreach push with a new WNC project working in neighboring counties to get out the vote.

Indivisible general meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month. Each month we’ll give updates on recent and future actions and highlight opportunities to get involved, and we’ll also focus on learning more about our elected representatives in Raleigh and Washington, or hearing from candidates who are seeking election, or learning more about a particular issue, or sharing tools for active engagement.