Say No To Anti-Voter Jim Crow 2.0 Legislation

North Carolina legislators have revived anti-voter legislation aimed at creating barriers to the ballot, which is part of a national strategy to attack North Carolinians’ freedom to vote.

These bills are trying to rationalize anti-democracy efforts to further suppress voters, particularly Black and brown populations. They will directly impact already under-resourced communities, and further limit voting access for all North Carolinians.

Senate Bill 88/House Bill 304 would require all absentee ballots to be received by 7:30 pm on Election Day, likely resulting in thousands of ballots being rejected. Under current state law, absentee ballots that are postmarked on Election Day and received within 3 days after can be counted.

Senate Bill 89 has been incorporated into the recently released House budget. These provisions would ban certain election funding sources for under-resourced communities that help elections run safely and smoothly.

Tell lawmakers you demand they vote “NO” on these bills and any anti-voter legislation.