Equal Rights Amendment Calls to Rules Committee

ERA Actions to Take Right Now

1. Tell at least 5 Friends About the ERA.  So many people still don’t know!
2. Make plans to attend the screening of Equal Means Equal on April 9 at The Block off Biltmore and bring a friend. 3-5 p.m.
3. Make 4 Calls this week on behalf of the ERA (see script below):
NC Speaker of the House: Tim Moore, 919-7333451
NC House Rules Committee Chairman:David Lewis, 910-897-8100
NC Senate Leader: Phil Berger, 919-733-5708
NC Senate Rules Committee Chairman: Bill Rabon, 919-733-5963

Sample Calling Script

“Hi, my name is _____ and I am a North Carolina resident.  I am calling today in support of (House Bill 102/Senate Bill 85) and it is my understanding that it has been referred to the Rules Committee but has not yet been put on the agenda. I would like to ask (insert name of person you are calling) to put this bill on the agenda so that it can move forward. I believe that this bill is a great opportunity for North Carolina to demonstrate its commitment to equal treatment of women under the law. Would you please deliver that message? Thank you.”