Say NO to NC Voter Suppression: Oppose SB 326

Following in the footsteps of Georgia’s “Jim Crow” voter suppression law, on March 30th NC lawmakers introduced Senate Bill 326, a bill with the same misleading name, “The Election Security Act,” and the same purpose: to make it harder to vote.

SB 326 would:

  • Require counties to throw out tens of thousands of absentee ballots that arrive after 5 p.m. on Election Day, even if they were mailed before Election Day.
  • Shrink the absentee request deadlines to 2 weeks before Election Day.
  • Ban certain funding sources that under-resourced communities need to run elections safely and smoothly, particularly in emergencies.
  • Allocate $5 million of taxpayer dollars to enforce a racist voter ID law that is currently being litigated in court.

You can read the bill summary here. To understand what the proposed changes would really mean, see this excellent analysis by NC Policy Watch.

ACT NOW: Tell Senators in the Redistricting and Elections committee to oppose SB326 and protect our freedom to vote.

The bill is now in the Senate Redistricting and Elections Committee. Take action now to put a stop to this heinous assault on voting rights: