Petition for a People’s Budget for Asheville

Asheville can do better for its working families.

Residents of Asheville need affordable housing, racial justice, true democracy, and living wages. It’s time for the city to adopt a People’s Budget that prioritizes these critical issues.

We believe the following priorities must be incorporated into the 2024-2025 budget as a necessary step toward creating an equitable Asheville where everyone can live and thrive.

1) Pay Asheville City Workers a Living Wage of at least $22.10/hr
2) Fund the Recommendations from the Asheville Reparations Commission
3) Start a City of Asheville Emergency Rental Assistance Program
4) Devote resources to start a Participatory Budgeting process

This petition is endorsed by nine Asheville civic and nonprofit organizations including Asheville Food and Beverage United, Center for Participatory Change, the Asheville Poverty Initiative, and the Racial Justice Coalition.

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People’s Budget for Asheville