Release the Report, Nationwide Day of Action

Join us, along with over 230 protests around the country, April 4 at 6:00 PM. We are partnering with MoveOn, Progress North Carolina, and Progress NC.

Our message: Barr’s “announcement” doesn’t amount to much. We demand the full report; he may redact it heavily. We demand immediacy; he keeps pushing the deadline. We don’t know what’s in Barr’s mind, but we do know he was handpicked for this role by Trump and we cannot count on him to be fully transparent and accountable. It’s our role to respond to his stalling tactics with clear, moral pressure. Our response: More than 230 protests are planned across the country on Thursday, April 4 in response to William Barr’s delay in turning over the complete Mueller Report.

Nearly 80% of the American public wants the full report released. Join us as we demonstrate to Asheville and Western NC that we stand in solidarity with the majority of American citizens who want to #ReleaseTheReport.

Time: Thursday, April 4, 6:00 PM.
Location: Vance Monument, 1 North Pack Square

Steve Woodsmall(D) Candidate for US House District 11, against incumbent Mark Meadows(R)
Patsy Keever(D) Candidate for NC Senate District 48, against incumbent Chuck Edwards(R)
Cindy McGrayne from Indivisible Asheville/WNC

Please note: This is a peaceful, nonviolent event and will not involve civil disobedience or any other violation of law.