Support NC Senate Bill 554 – Fair Redistricting

Tuesday April 4 is the final day that North Carolina Senators can co-sponsor Senate Bill 554, the fair redistricting bill. Call or email your Senator now and ask them to sponsor Senate Bill 554. Ask your red county friends to call and email, too!

Why is Senate Bill 554 so important?

We all know that North Carolina has a long history of lawmakers drawing voting districts in ways that weaken the political power of voters, especially Black voters. Our state desperately needs a new and fair redistricting process to restore voters’ faith in our democracy.

An innovative new bill filed last week — Senate Bill 554 — would provide just that, creating a unique North Carolina structure to help end unconstitutional gerrymandering and support fair redistricting solutions.

Senate Bill 554 would require a thorough study of the redistricting process, encourage deep involvement from local communities, and examine best practices from across the country to guide the drawing of district maps that better reflect our state. It could finally begin a process that would allow our citizens to elect their politicians, and not the other way around.

Tell your Senator to sign on now as part of a growing list of Senate Bill 554 co-sponsors.

Call Your Senator Today!

     Sen. Terry Van Duyn
     Buncombe County (District 49)
     Raleigh Office: (919) 715-3001


     Sen. Chuck Edwards
     Southern Buncombe County, Henderson &Transylvania (District 48)
     Raleigh Office: (919) 733-5745


If you live outside Buncombe County or aren’t sure who your State Senator is, check the ‘Who Represents Me’ map on the NC General Assembly (NCGA) website.