NC Senate Alert: Oppose SB 325

NC Senate Bill 325 proposes a $1 billion tax cut that primarily benefits the wealthy and corporations. This bill is expected to go to the floor of the Senate on Tuesday, April 4th. Please call your state senator on Monday and ask them to vote NO on this bill to preserve revenue for the programs needed to serve all the citizens of our state.

According to analysis from the NC Justice Center:
  • Nearly half of the tax cuts will go to the top 20% of taxpayers in NC under this proposal.
  • 60% of taxpayers with poverty incomes and low-incomes will not receive an income tax cut under this proposal.
  • These tax law changes will reduce NC tax revenue by $1 billion, at the same time that President Trump is proposing significant cuts in federal funding that will require states to pick up the difference. *

* Read the NC Justice Center’s report here: Analysis of SB 325

Call Your Senator Today!

     Sen. Terry Van Duyn
     Buncombe County (District 49)
     Raleigh Office: (919) 715-3001


     Sen. Chuck Edwards
     Southern Buncombe County, Henderson &Transylvania (District 48)
     Raleigh Office: (919) 733-5745


If you live outside Buncombe County or aren’t sure who your State Senator is, check the ‘Who Represents Me’ map on the NC General Assembly (NCGA) website.