TAKE ACTION Tell Lawmakers: Making Guns More Accessible Is A Mistake

Gun violence is an epidemic that plagues communities across our country and state. In an average year, one North Carolinian is killed by a gun every six hours.

Gun violence disproportionately and overwhelmingly harms the Black community in North Carolina. Domestic violence victims are five times more likely to be killed when their abuser has access to a gun and gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children under the age of 18.

Instead of implementing common sense gun regulations that the vast majority of North Carolinians agree is necessary, Raleigh Republicans are trying to make guns easier to own. They want to pass a law that removes the permit requirement to own a pistol, which means dangerous individuals could get a pistol without a background check. Governor Cooper has rightly vetoed this terrible bill  and lawmakers need to uphold his veto.

Tell legislators to do the right thing and uphold Governor Cooper’s veto on this dangerous and deadly bill.

Don’t let the horrors of gun violence continue to deny communities, loved ones and children of their right to a safe and healthy life.

If we want to save lives, common sense gun safety precautions must be passed and not make it easier for troubled individuals to acquire a gun, which is exactly what the pistol purchase permit repeal does.

Email these key lawmakers TODAY.
Tell them you want them to protect our communities and uphold Governor Cooper’s veto.