QUICK SIGNATURE: Tell Congress to REJECT the so-called “Parents Bill of Rights”

Instead of solutions to the very real crises families face each day, Congressional Republican leadership is launching yet another ATTACK ON PARENTS. They’re calling it a “Parents Bill of Rights” – and they’re voting on it this week in the U.S. House.

The badly misnamed ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ is all wrong for America’s moms, kids, families, and educators. It’s the legal basis for censorship, bullying and book bans and for division based on race, sexual orientation, religious minorities and gender identity, masquerading as a bill of rights.

While it’s doubtful this bill will pass the Senate and become law, it’s important to stand up and speak out against these dangerous proposals that are gaining momentum both on a state and federal level. Thank you for taking a moment to sign-on to stand up against this harmful bill that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and let leaders know this is NOT the direction they should be going!!

The more signatures there are – including yours! – the faster Republican leadership will know they are out of step with the majority of moms in America – and they need to stop creating culture wars and division in our schools and communities.