March 27 Meeting Recap: Voter Registration Training with Democracy NC and Q&A with Buncombe County Reps

We’ve read the newspapers and stayed up to date with political affairs. We’ve written and called our representatives. We’ve even marched in the streets. Now, it’s time to take our power to the polls.

Democracy North Carolina joined us for our March general meeting to train Indivisibles on the ins and outs of registering voters. The truth is, registering voters is really easy, and empowering! Check out Democracy NC’s Voter Registration Kit for helpful tips on filling out the voter registration form, running your own voter registration drive, and the North Carolina Voter’s Bill of Rights.

The primary election is just around the corner–May 8! How many new voters can we register by then? Keep an eye out for upcoming Indivisible Asheville/WNC voter registration drives, and let’s find out together!

We were also fortunate to have Rep. Brian Turner, Rep. John Ager, and Sen. Terry Van Duyn join us to give us a preview of what we might expect in the upcoming short session, updates on gun control, environmental legislation, the opioid crisis, mental healthcare, and expanding Medicare.

As Sen. Van Duyn reminded us, “The most important thing you can do is make sure your friends and family vote.”