Tell Your Rep to Support the Save Medicare Act

Medicare Advantage, the privatized option for Medicare, is rampant with fraud and overspending. These private insurers are using billions of dollars of government funding to increase their own profits – falsely advertising themselves as “Medicare” and promising quality health care – only to end up denying coverage for essential care and services.

These plans not only threaten the future and solvency of traditional Medicare, but put patients’ health and lives at risk.

Congress must hold these predatory Medicare Advantage plans accountable and they can start with the name. These plans are not “Medicare” and should not be allowed to advertise as such. Seniors and people with disabilities should have this level of transparency when choosing their health care so that everyone is able to choose the plan that best fits their needs.

Use this form to email your representative about cosponsoring H.R. 732, the Save Medicare Act.