ERA is now before the NC State Rules Committee

We encourage you to contact these committee members as soon as you can to encourage voting on, and passage of, the ERA.  One of our Indivisible members recently wrote an article about this in the Mountain Xpress.  Please also watch and spread the word about the award-winning documentary about this cause, Equal Means Equal, which can be streamed on Amazon here or iTunes here.

Here are sample scripts of what a person might want to say when telephoning their legislators:
“I urge the Rules Committee to hold a hearing soon on H. 102 and S. 85, the Equal Rights Amendment.  Please support and vote for the ERA to ensure equal rights for women and men.”
Attached is a Word document with all the contact information for both House and Senate members of the Rules Committee.  Updated Contact Info for House and Senate Rules Committees Also attached (bottom of page) is a map showing where the areas these committee members represent (red pins).  You can and should contact ALL of these committee members even if none of them represent your district, but if you know anyone living in any of the members’ districts, please ask them to contact the legislators representing their district because as a constituent, their voice is a little more impressive. 
To make it very easy, you could email all the House Rules Committee members at once, and then do the same in a separate email to all the Senate members, by copying the following lists of emails into the BCC field of your email form.  A sample email follows the lists.