Urgent Alert: Call Your Representative and Senator Now and Tell Them NO on Their Proposed Healthcare Act!

The Republican’s bill includes cuts to one of America’s largest social safety nets, Medicaid; less generous tax credits for individuals who buy insurance on the open market; the undoing of incentives for younger Americans to buy health insurance, and higher premiums for seniors.

Use this template as a guide for your call to your representative.

Hi, my name is ______  and I’m a constituent from [NAME OF TOWN]. I strongly oppose the American Health Care Act, and I expect you to vote NO when it comes to a vote. This bill would be a disaster for nearly everybody in Western North Carolina. It affects working families and lower income people most of all, while giving tax credits to the rich. Please remember that you represent me—not President Trump—and I will remember your vote at re-election time. Vote NO on AHCA.”

Rep Patrick McHenry: 202-225-2576 (10th District, including Asheville, Black Mountain, Lake Lure, Swannanoa)

Rep. Mark Meadows: 202-225-6401 (11th District, including Candler, Fletcher, Hendersonville, Woodfin, Weaverville)