Stop Fracked Gas Plants in NC

Duke wants to continue running most of their existing coal plants – some of which were built more than 50 years ago! And instead of shifting aggressively to clean, renewable sources, they propose building 19 new gas plants in North Carolina over the next 15 years![1]

Fortunately, we have a chance to weigh in on the state’s energy future. The North Carolina Utilities Commission is currently reviewing Duke Energy’s long-term energy plan — known as the Integrated Resource Plan — and they’re accepting public comments on the plan.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission is accepting public comments on Duke’s long-term energy plan now — submit your comment today!

Instead of presenting a forward thinking plan that aggressively invests in building North Carolina’s clean energy economy, Duke is using the plan to justify building expensive, risky, and climate-polluting gas plants.

Duke’s plan means more harmful emissions polluting our air and causing asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses, more toxic chemicals poisoning our drinking water and our rivers and lakes, and more expensive electricity bills for us.

What You Can Do

We need to weigh in on Duke’s long-term energy plans, letting the Utilities Commission know that North Carolinians want Duke to ramp up its investment in clean energy sources like wind and solar and not lock our state into another half-century of fossil fuel burning.

Click on the link above to make a comment.  You may also write your own email ( Be sure to reference “Docket E-100 Sub 147.”  

Call the NC Utilities Commission:  919-733-4249

Forward this to friends who might also submit comments.

Public comment to Duke on the Integrated Resource Plan

Here Are Some Talking Points

“Affordable, clean and homegrown”

1. Value

  • Solar power benefits communities, businesses and power producers across the state providing affordable, homegrown, clean energy to North Carolinians.
  • North Carolina’s solar production grew by 187% in 2015, making it an American leader in production of clean energy, now is not the time to stunt that growth.
  • North Carolina is the third largest producer of solar energy in the nation, with more than 200 businesses across the state actively participating in the solar energy economy and almost 300,000 megawatts of solar power produced every year.

2. Barrier

  • 2016 marked a turning point in energy policy, today solar is cheaper than any fossil fuel alternative, and in North Carolina can be a leader in the production and distribution of that technology.
  • Solar power replaces the dirtiest and most expensive forms of energy on the grid, replacing it with a cleaner and cheaper alternative.
  • Unlike coal, oil and gas we don’t import the sunshine. Solar power is built in North Carolina, by North Carolina companies for North Carolinians.

3. Ask

  • Duke, and the state, must vigorously support new solar projects which will bolster North Carolina’s booming clean energy economy

4. Vision

  • North Carolina can become a net exporter of solar power technology to the nation, rather than importing dirty, expensive and dangerous coal, gas and oil for our electricity.
  • We can keep our electricity bills low while creating good paying jobs across the state with a mature and expanding solar industry supported by our utilities.
  • With Duke’s leadership North Carolina can lead the nation in clean energy production, ensuring our businesses are helping to power the country well into the 21st century.  

Thanks for taking action!