Tell Your NC Senator to Reject Anti-Voter Legislation

North Carolina voter freedoms are under attack – again. 

North Carolina legislators have revived a variety of anti-voter, Jim Crow 2.0 bills aimed at creating barriers to the ballot and stripping funding for our local elections.

Under the guise of so-called “Election Integrity,” Senate Bill 88 (House Bill 304) and Senate Bill 89 are trying to rationalize anti-democracy efforts to further suppress voters, particularly Black and brown communities. They will directly impact already under-resourced areas, and further limit voting access for all North Carolinians.

  • SB 88 (Election Day Integrity Act) would make absentee voting harder by shortening the window when absentee ballots can be returned, creating confusion and decreasing accessibility for voters.
  • SB 89 (Prohibit Private Money in Elections) would prohibit local Boards of Elections from accepting vital grant funds, creating financial challenges for local administrations that will impact already under-resourced communities.

This is all part of an ongoing national strategy to silence voters and attack North Carolinians’ freedom to vote, one borne from the aftermath of the 2020 election that continues to be revived time and again in state houses across the nation.

Take Action now! Demand that your N.C. Senators oppose these attempts to defund elections and suppress access to the ballot. 

Our friends at Democracy NC have created this easy tool for contacting your state senator, along with a sample message that you can customize as you like. We encourage you to personalize your message as much as you can; it could be as simple as changing the subject header or adding a detail about why this issue is important to you. Click here to send a message to YOUR state senator today.