Sign Up To Speak Up For Clean Energy

Update March 17, 2021: So many folks signed up to speak at the scheduled March 16 hearing that the event has been postponed. The NC Utilities Commission (NCUC) has now indicated that it will schedule multiple hearings, to allow time for the hundreds of speakers who signed up by last week’s deadline. No new speakers will be added to the list, but you will still be able to listen in once the hearings are announced.
Also, you can submit written comments while the docket remains open – until at least April 30. The docket will not close until all of the hearings are completed and all of the expert testimony and rebuttal testimony are filed.
Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to comment! Just share your support for more renewable energy, retirement of dirty fuel sources, and other climate-sensitive issues. Read more about the IRP here and email your email your comments to the NCUC here. Be sure to include the docket number (Docket No. E-100 Sub 165) in your subject line.

Duke has scheduled Tuesday, March 16th at 7 pm as the date for the only virtual public hearing on their 15-Year Energy Plan. You can read the docket here.

In the plan, Duke proposes to build up to 13 fracked gas plants and continue burning coal until 2049. Duke also provides misleading and inaccurate costs around renewables. The WNC Sierra Club is providing expert testimony to challenge these cost assumptions and other flaws in the plan. Duke’s own figures show their plan will significantly increase the cost burden on ratepayers. It is critically important for the public to speak up for more investment in energy conservation and renewables,

Please speak at the hearing. You must register in advance by contacting the Public Staff via email at or by calling 919-733-6110. Please list the docket number for the North Carolina Utilities Commission E- 100, sub 165. Testimony will  be limited to five minutes per individual.

Only those registered with the Public Staff by 5:00 pm on Thursday, March 11, will be allowed to testify at the hearing.

Please sign up NOW, as slots are on a first come, first served basis.  Do not identify as Sierra Club members, but speak as Duke rate payers.  

You’ll have up to five minutes to say what you think Duke should do for our energy future. In five minutes or less, you can make a big difference.

Don’t know what to say?  No problem!  Fill out this form, register to testify by Thursday, the 11th at 5 pm, and someone from the Sierra Club will get in touch and help you! Together, we’ll convince the NCUC commissioners to reject Duke’s Energy Plan and replace fossil fuels with clean energy.


Here are some talking points from

  • Duke must maximize all energy efficiency options prior to building new generation to keep costs low for ratepayers and avoid unnecessary investments in higher-cost fossil-fuel technologies.
  • Duke’s IRP should accelerate retirement of all coal plants, close half of its coal fleet by 2025, achieve coal-free energy by 2030 and include support transitions plans for coal plant communities.
  • Duke’s reliance on gas combustion entails direct release of carbon dioxide and releases super-potent methane during fracking, which will prevent Duke and North Carolina from meeting their stated climate goals.
  • Solar is not only the cleanest but also the most cost-effective energy supply choice. A recent study showed that North Carolina could boost renewable energy to 66% by 2035 while decreasing costs to ratepayers.