How to Help the Ukrainians Right Now

Have you thought you’d like to help the Ukrainians but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some options we’ve pulled from a few reputable sources. If you have any suggestions on other ways to help, please let us know.

  1. Start with this omnibus ways-to-help website from people in Ukraine, which gives updated donation links for medical supplies and ways to help children affected by the war, journalists, vulnerable groups and more.
  2. The organization Right to Protection is a Ukrainian partner of the refugee protection organization HIAS.
  3. Also see these suggestions compiled from the RPCV Ukraine network on Facebook, a group of people who were Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine.
  4. And of course there are larger charities providing help to Ukraine, including:
    • Doctors Without Borders has teams in Ukraine as well as surrounding countries as it works to send staff and medical supplies to the hardest-hit areas.
    • Save the Children has a Ukraine crisis relief fund for providing children and families with food, hygiene kits, funding and more.
    • Razom, a well respected Ukrainian-focused charity founded in 2014, launched an emergency response to provide medical supplies, coordinating with several partner organizations worldwide and working with governments and embassies on humanitarian corridors. Razom has not been evaluated by Charity Navigator but has received wide coverage in the US media.
    • The Ukrainian Red Cross is working hard to help civilians in Ukraine.
    • GlobalGiving ‘s Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund is working toward a goal of $7m to provide food, water, shelter and other assistance to refugees.
    • The International Rescue Committee has teams working in Poland aiding displaced Ukrainian families.
    • Direct Relief is working to fulfill a list of medical needs provided to the organization by Ukraine’s health ministry.
    • Nova Ukraine is a California-based nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainians and raises awareness about Ukraine in the US.
  5. You can also support the English-language Kyiv Independent and the New Voice of Ukraine directly. There is also a GoFundMe page to support Ukrainian media more broadly as journalists risk their safety.

The Obama Foundation has also published this list of organizations doing critical humanitarian work in Ukraine.