Support Nonpartisan Redistricting

Call and show your support for NC House Bill 200 (HB 200) to establish a non-partisan redistricting commission. Three-step action: (1) Call bill sponsor Rep. Chuck McGrady of Henderson County (919-773-5956) and thank him for introducing this bill! (2) Call NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger at (919-733-5708) and urge him to allow the Senate to take it up. Berger supported a nearly identical bill in the past and will determine whether or not the Senate considers this bill. (3) Finally, call your state reps and encourage them to fight hard for non-partisan redistricting. You can find your reps here.

HB 200 is “the first step toward ending gerrymandering….a bill that would take the politics out of redistricting.” (NC Policy Watch)