Ask your legislators to sponsor the RBG Act

Reproductive freedom champions in the North Carolina General Assembly just filed the “Removing Barriers to Gain Access to Abortion Act” (RBG)! This bill would remove restrictions on abortion designed by politicians with the extent purpose of making abortion more expensive and harder to get. These restrictions—such as a forced 72-hour delay in accessing care, mandatory state-scripted biased “counseling,” and a ban on abortion care coverage—are medically unnecessary and impact Black and Brown people, young people, and people of lower income at disproportionately higher rates.

Please email and call your NC Senate senator by 5 pm tomorrow and your NC House representative by 5 pm Wednesday and ask them to sign on as co-sponsors of the RBG Act. You can find your legislators here.

Our 3 Buncombe County House Representative are:
Representative John Ager,, 828-628-261
Representative Brian Turner,, 919-715-3012
One of the initial co-sponsors of the bill is Buncombe House Representative Susan Fisher. Send a thank you to Susan at, 919-715-2013