Tell Sen. Tillis to Get Back to Work!

The Senate is back in session, and Senator Thom Tillis is holding up a vote on President Biden’s Federal Reserve Board nominees. Tillis sits on the Senate Banking Committee, and he’s refusing to show up for meetings. Why? To prevent the Committee from having a quorum and taking a vote. Nominees must move out of committee in order to be brought to the Senate floor for a confirmation vote, and the committee can’t vote without a quorum present.

Tillis and every other GOP member of the committee have refused to show up to their job. This is inexcusable. If Sen. Tillis has a legitimate objection to any particular nominee, he should show up and voice it. Otherwise, he’s simply playing hooky – and hijacking the important work of the Banking Committee.

The committee would have a quorum if just ONE of these no-show members would show up to the committee hearing. They don’t need need to vote yes, they don’t even need to vote; they just need to show up to their jobs like the rest of us.

For all their talk about inflation, Republicans seem all too willing to sabotage the agency tasked with addressing inflation and helping our economy recover.

CALL SEN. TILLIS TODAY and tell him to show up and do his job:

(DC Office) 202-224-6342
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