Progressive Democrats of Buncombe Race-Class Academy

The Progressive Democrats Of Buncombe will present and discuss 8 videos from ‘Race-Class Academy’ on Monday, February 8th, at 6 pm. All are welcome. Please share this Zoom link for the meeting:
(The link will open at 5:50 pm)

Race-Class Academy is a series of 12 short videos by Ian Haney López (author of “Dog Whistle Politics” and “Merge Left”), Jacob Kornbluth, and Brittaney Carter.

Here is what chapter VP, Dan Hervig, wrote about the program:

“… the Race-Class Academy, a new initiative from U.C. Berkeley Law Professor Ian Haney Lopez. The goal of the Race-Class Academy is to help progressives–or any decent person really–understand how the Right uses language to frame minorities, the poor, and the working class as the enemy–and use that to rob them and the middle class blind.

By taking on the Republican approach to divide and conquer from an academic perspective–the Race-Class Academy hopes to help us name what we’re fighting against–and respond accordingly.”

Below are links to all 4 levels:
Level 1 – Racism as a Class Weapon
Level 2 – Standard Progressive Responses Fail
Level 3 – Telling the Race-Class Story
Level 4 – Is Race-Class Solidarity Possible?

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