Help Our Brothers and Sisters in Asheville

A tent community under an overpass at the foot of Lexington Avenue in Asheville was demolished by the state Department of Transportation. Some of the people who were camped there lost everything. All they owned was as much as they could carry.

We can send help to an agency that’s been in the streets all along, distributing tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes and medical supplies. BeLoved Asheville’s COVID Response Team can collect, purchase and distribute these items quicker than anyone else, so we’re asking your help to provide immediate assistance where it’s needed most.

BeLoved is a Poor People’s Campaign partner and has a lot of experience offering this kind of help. You can make a one-time contribution or give a regular monthly gift as a sustainer.

These people, our brothers and sisters, need help now.  Please click on Beloved Asheville. It will save lives.