RJC Committee Watcher Project

There’s a new opportunity to get involved with the Racial Justice Coalition (RJC) by becoming a Committee Watcher.

The primary mission of the RJC is to reimagine a just and equitable Asheville and to mobilize that vision through advocacy, education, and policy development. To support their mission, they are launching a new Committee Watcher Project and need you to be a part of it. If you’re interested in how policy is developed in our local government and ways to influence decisions before policy is adopted, this is for you.

Watchers attend committee meetings, learn about committee priorities, gather data to inform RJC advocacy campaigns, and speak up to hold the committee’s accountable to the community. This vital information can help the RJC understand what policies are being created in Asheville and their implications for racial equity. This will inform our advocacy efforts in holding City and County officials responsible for the reparations resolutions adopted in 2020 and the City’s commitment to reimagining public safety.

You don’t need to have expertise or a deep understanding of local government to become a Committee Watcher. You just need an equity lens and a commitment to learning how change happens in local government. As a Committee Watcher, you’ll receive initial training and ongoing support from our Committee Watcher Coordinators.

The first training session will be January 25th from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Click here to register and click here to attend, learn and become a Committee Watcher. If you’re interested in becoming a Watcher but can’t make this training session, sign up at on the Racial Justice Coalition’s website to be notified of future trainings.