Madison Cawthorn: #ResignOrRemove

It’s time for Representative Cawthorn to resign. If he does not resign, he should be removed from office for violating his oath of office. His words and actions supported insurrection. Cawthorn put out a steady stream of inflammatory videos and tweets that incited people to join the January 6 rally, and he disseminated false information about the integrity of the Presidential election results. Read more about his actions in the Statement on Madison Cawthorn.

If elected officials like Cawthorn don’t represent your beliefs, now is the time to speak up. Call Cawthorn at 202-225-6401 and ask him to resign. Write a letter to the editor about his unfitness to serve. Write to Speaker Pelosi at and ask the House to expel Representative Cawthorn.

Photo: Gabriella Demczuk for New York Magazine