Join Pro Choice NC in Telling Our NC Reps to Protect Abortion Care

It’s a new session in the NC General Assembly (NCGA), and anti-abortion extremists are already planning to push through further unnecessary restrictions and bans on reproductive healthcare in North Carolina.

State legislators were sworn in on January 11. So now is the time for them to hear from as many pro-choice constituents as possible! We must be loud about our support for abortion care for all who need it.

Contact Your Reps

Use this easy form from Pro-Choice NC to urge your state legislators to prioritize legislation that protects and expands access to the FULL range of reproductive healthcare.

North Carolinians have many policy needs this year, including economic security and affordable healthcare, and the majority of North Carolinians do NOT support more restrictions on abortion care. Banning or further restricting abortion is not popular with people in our state, and we need to ensure our state legislators hear this message loud and clear as the 2023 legislative session starts.

Speak up now to protect abortion access in North Carolina!