Write & Call Madison Cawthorn Asking Him to Resign

District 11 Representative Madison Cawthorn has proven he is unfit to serve and should resign or be expelled immediately.

He incited and participated in the events leading up to the deadly attack on the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, and then went back to the House of Representatives and voted against certification of a free and fair election, justifying his vote with thoroughly debunked lies.

(For details on his insurrectionist actions, see our ‘Statement on Cawthorn and Democracy Week’ here.)


Call and write to Rep. Cawthorn and tell him he must resign.

Regional Office phone: 828-435-7310 (Hendersonville)

Washington DC phone: 202-225-6401

Remember to:

  • State your full name and ZIP code & say you are his constituent
  • State 1-2 reasons why you think he is unfit to represent you and other citizens of WNC
  • Conclude by demanding that he resign immediately


Contact Speaker Pelosi asking that Cawthorn be expelled from the House if he doesn’t resign on his own. Use the Speaker’s contact form here.


Be sure to sign the petition calling for Cawthorn to resign or be expelled from Congress:

“Madison Cawthorn: Resign or Be Expelled from Congress”

“Madison Cawthorn Must Resign”