Voice Your Opinion With A Letter To The Editor

HR1, the For the People Act, is a once-in-a-generation democracy reform package that will clean up our political system, expand and protect voting rights, end gerrymandering, and counter the power of big money in politics. When HR1 is passed, we will see progress on the issues we care about most like combating climate change, ensuring affordable healthcare for all and fighting for racial justice.

Indivisible AVL is working with the national coalition, the Declaration for American Democracy, on this important issue. You can help make HR1 happen by clicking on Letter to the Editor. It’s an incredibly easy way to compose an LTE instantly, right there on the website, and have it automatically sent to three newspapers in our area (based on your zip code).

We ask you to write a letter through Letter to the Editor on Friday, the 15th, and demand that the Biden-Harris administration and your members of Congress champion democracy reform as their first priority.