Share Your Fair Maps Story

According to a recent poll, 47% of North Carolinians already think the newly adopted gerrymandered maps are unfair.

But a lot of folks are still unsure. So this week we’re joining with All On the Line NC to collect stories from people about how they’re affected by the maps and why Fair Maps matter:

  1. Write a short personal statement (150 words or less) about how you’re affected by the gerrymandered maps.
  2. Submit your statement to All On the Line NC using this simple online form, so they can share it widely on social media. (Optional: Also include a snapshot of yourself! Posts with photos pull better on social media.) AOTL NC will create a social media graphic using your content and post your story as part of their #FixOurMaps campaign. If you’d rather make your own graphic, they’ve even got this handy tutorial to guide you.

Since these are so short, AOTL NC recommends focusing on only ONE of the following questions:

  • Are the enacted maps fair? Do the lines make sense? Why or why not? TIP: Focus on how a specific maps treats your community, or talk about how one or more maps affects voters in NC more broadly. TIP: Check out the NC House, NC Senate and NC Congressional map plans in Dave’s Redistricting here. (For quick tips on how to view the new district lines, check out this short tutorial.)
  • What do Fair Maps mean to you? TIP: Share what a Fair Map looks like to you, or what is at stake for the issues you care about.

This is something that’s EASY to do, so please take a few minutes to sit down and write out a short statement. If you’ve got more to say, submit multiple statements!

For inspiration, check out some of the personal statements at All On the Line-NC’s Facebook page here.